Sunday, 19 April 2009


The system works guys. A nice person from Cambridge University Press sent me a copy of Bronk's 'The Romantic Economist'. So, if anyone wants a review of this book I'll be happy to do one for you.


  1. Just as long as it's scathing...

  2. from CUP pages: "Richard Bronk argues that economists can best model and explain these creative and social aspects of markets by using new structuring assumptions and metaphors derived from the poetry and philosophy of the Romantics."

    GT (smoking opium): Yeah, go on, I reckon investing a hundred million euros into an Icelandic bank is a good idea right now.

    Rich Investor: Well, if you're sure, but isn't their economy doing pretty badly?

    GT (smoke pouring out of his every pore): If no one shows belief in Iceland and her delicate white-capped mountains above which hang the steams of her visceral geysers like a wand'ring cloud, how else will her economies be seen to o'erflow the morbid capacities of her present state?

    Rich Investor: Yah, ok, whatever, pass the pipe dude.

    Go on then, 700-1500 words for Horizon?


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  4. Yeah, sounds good George. When do you need it by?

    See also, application of renaissance thought to unilateral disarmament and post-modern approaches to filling in ministerial expenses claims forms.